Thanks for a great 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival!

Thank you for joining in the mayhem to create a vibrant, eclectic and unforgettable festival. We will have the stats for you shortly, in the meantime, please take five minutes to fill out this survey. Your feedback will help us make an even better 2016 festival!

And congrats to our 2015 award winners!

Volunteer Picks: Men Will Be Boys & Cocooned in Kazan,
Artists’ Pick: Queer Heartache
Patrons’ Picks: Man’s Dominion & CODA
Spirit Awards: Punch and Judy (Fool Size Theatre) , Cocooned in Kazan, Queer Heartache & Men Will Be Boys.
No Sweat Award: Zipped and Pelted

And the Top Seat Fillers by Venue:

Kids Fringe: Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse.
CCJP – Gym: Ladies Night of the Living Dead
CCJP – Meeting Hall: William Shakespeare Lives
Jefferson Playhouse: Cocooned in Kazan
Windy City: Peddler of Dreams: Two Feet, One Idea, Two Thousand Miles
Gift Theatre (A Venue Sponsored by Gale Street Inn): Cajun Face

The Bruce Award for Excellence in Volunteering: Nikki
The Will Award for Excellence in Tech/Production: Joe
Best Volunteer Handwriting: Ray

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