Thank You!

Together our talented artists, adventurous patrons, and bold volunteers gathered in Jefferson Park and helped to make the festival a great success! We filled 4,131 seats, sold out 15 performances, and returned $29,693 to the artists! Wow! And congrats to our award winners:

Fringe Spirit Award

  • Rob Cortes

Artist Choice Award AND Volunteer Choice Award AND Unlimited Pass Pick Award

  • Ellieida (Studio Playhaus)

Most Creative Use of Space Award

  • Penny (Nico Fernandez and Kearstyn Keller)

The Bruce Award (Front of House Award)

  • Ray Peruyera

The Will Staelens Award (Production Award)

  • Tom Chandler

The Most Deceptive Show Title

  • 40 Minutes to Howard (Spartan Theatre Company)

Burning The Midnight Oil Award (Award for Volunteer Hours)

  • Melanie Williams (100 hours of service in Production)
  • Nikki Marquardt (65 hours of service in Front of House)

Loudest Upstairs Neighbors

  • Karaoke Night at Al Capone’s House of Pancakes (Coffee & Whiskey Productions)

The Choose Your Own Adventure Award

  • Velour (Schedule C Productions)

Highest Percentage of Seats Filled 

  • The Gift Theatre – SUPERHERO (Nick Dimaso) ……. 96.3%
  • Jefferson Playhouse – Magic In Heels: Coincidence (Kayla Drescher) ……. 49.3%
  • Meeting Hall –  Filthy Habit (Third Eye Theatre Ensemble) ……. 61.8%
  • The Gym – Undiscovered Countries (Mary Shelley Show) ……. 70%
  • Windy City Blackbox – Joe Hernandez – Kolski presents ……. 90.3%
  • KiDS FRiNGE – The Big Balloon Show (Smarty Pants) ……. 109.3%


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