Chicago Fringe 2017 Lineup

Music! Dance! Solo Performance! Comedy! Drama! And our specialty: the uncategorizables! The full lineup for #chicagofringe2017 is complete! Artists will be joining us from across the country – and across the Atlantic – to bring the varied magic of Chicago Fringe to life for it’s eighth year. We’re looking forward to seeing all of these talented folks come August.

Check out the list of performers below, and keep these performances in mind for when tickets go on sale August 1st!

First Come First Served (local)
beyond this point? Corporel: having a body
Chicago Iowa Theatre Collective With the Weight of her Fate on her Shoulders
Julie Soroko This Song is About Me
Kimberly Witt Real Life Isn’t Real Life
Mark Toland Mark Toland, Mind Reader
Rally Theatre Company Here We Are
Spartan Theatre Company Untitled Fringe Project 2017
The DIVAHs 5 Evil Women
William Pack Exceptions to Reality
First Come First Served (non-local)
Andrew Kottier
(Buffalo, NY)
Welcome Back Kottler
Pat O’Brien
(Minneapolis, MN)
Underneath the Lintel
Science Comedian Brian Malow
(Raleigh, NC)
But Seriously with Brian Malow
(Philadelphia, PA)
Lucid Story
Kids Fringe (local)
Tiffany Lawson Dance MELODY
Stephanie Chavara Wormhole
Barrel of Monkeys That’s Weird, Grandma
Kids Fringe (non-local)
Jackie Schiffer
(New York, NY)
Albert the Moose
Rebel Playhouse
(New York, NY)
Edna the Stomper
Local Line Up
Iris Sowlat Narratives of Achromatopsia
The Magic of Danny Dubin The Magic of Danny Dubin
Natalja Alcardi The Selkie
Shut Up! TBA
Kelly Haramis Hard-Core CORN
Transcendent Ensemble Theatre Irrational Fear Demonstrations
Abigail Ropp Internalized
Semi-Circus Murmurations
Truth Productions Jeff Fort and Fred Hampton: A Revolutionary Love Story
Ishti Aadi / Primal
NoMads Art Collective P is for Pepe
Jeremy Schaefer What’s A Wedding Got To Do With It?
Timothy David Rey The Butler Did What?
Non-Local Line Up
Christian Talbot and Mary Bourke
(Dublin, Ireland)
I Want an Irish Passport
Jilberto Soto
(London, UK)
Even God Knew I Was Gay
Lyto Triantafyllisou
(Athens, Greece)
Mistero Buffo
Didrik Soderstrom, The Hnossa Project
(Brooklyn, NY)
East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Rozara Sanders
(Albany, NY)
The Mavens
Randy Ross
(Somerville, MA)
The Chronic Single’s Handbook
jaybird laughs
(Overland Park, KS)\
Boomer Momma Mommyisms
Dandy Darkly
(Brooklyn, NY)
Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth!
Jeffrey Robert, The Gay Uncle
(Seattle, WA)
The Gay Uncle Explains It All To You
Steve Berlund
(Mount Pleasant, MI)
Howard Petrick
(San Franscisco, CA)
(Phoenix, AZ)
A Virtuous Pedophile
Odds & Ends Productions
(Pittsburgh, PA)
Halie Bahr
(Minneapolis, MN)
LoFi Dance
Wishbone Theatre Collective
(Greenville, SC)
Thom J. Cauley
(Milwaukee, WI)
Shakespeare Paranoia
Sid Ross
(New York, NY)
Becoming OCD
Bons Tempos Theatre Company
(Sausalito, CA)
Atlanta Burning Sherman’s Shadows
Joan Afton
(Los Angeles, CA)
30jj or Bust: The World is My Underwire