2010 Festival

Chicago Fringe Festival 2010 poster

The 2010 Chicago Fringe Festival was presented September 1-5, 2010 in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, featuring 46 productions at 8 venues for a total of 198 performances. Read the 2010 festival press release…

Festival Shows

5 Times 10 – A Collection of 10 Minute Plays

Presented by Citadel Theatre Company – Lake Forest, Illinois


Presented by Riverrun Theatre Company – Madison, Indiana

And Ya Don’t Stop, a Hip Hop Play

Presented by Nicole Kearney Productions – Indianapolis, Indiana

Annee Pocalypse

Presented by Hubris Productions – Chicago, Illinois

The Bad Arm – Confessions of a Dodgy Irish Dancer

Presented by Maire Clerkin – Los Angeles, California

Believe in Nothing, Mock Everything

Presented by Les Enfants Terribles – Chicago, Illinois

Breaking Down in America

Presented by Patrick Devine – Burbank, California


Presented by Patchwork Woman Performance – Chicago, Illinois

Cabinalysis…or, Build Your Own Damn Cabin!

Presented by 2nd Story, Chicago, Illinois

Christmas in Bakersfield

Presented by Les Kurkendaal – West Hollywood, California

Columbine & Roses

Presented by Shakura World Theatre – Chicago, Illinois

Driving the Body Back

Presented by Swanderwoman Productions – Ames, Iowa

Drunk with Hope in Chicago

Presented by What’s a Girl to Do Productions – Washington, D.C.

Empanada for a Dream

Presented by Juan Villa – New York City, New York

Exhausted Paint: The Death of Van Gogh

Presented by Opium, Fireworks and Lead – St. Paul, Minnesota

Finding Eleusis

Presented by Terra Mysterium – Chicago, Illinois

The Fugitives

Presented by La Rinascita – Valparaiso, Indiana

Get Rich Cheating

Presented by Jeff Kreisler & Up Top Productions – Long Island City, New York

Grind: The Musical

Presented by Theater Undeclared – Burnsville, Minnesota

Inner Cartography

Presented by Megan Rhyme – Chicago, Illinois

Knee Jerk

Presented by The Consortium Project – Chicago, Illinois


Presented by BITE Theatre – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Lonely Visitors

Presented by RE/Dance – Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Machito Pichon

Presented by Piel Morena Contemporary Dance – Chicago, Illinois

The Meeting

Presented by Backe Productions – Chicago, Illinois

Moliere Than Thou

Presented by Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre – Prospect Heights, Illinois

Mulatto Child – Voices From the Margins

Presented by Paul Diem – Kingsville, Maryland

The Parenticide Club

Presented by Lincoln Square Theatre – Chicago, Illinois

The Playdaters

Presented by And Giggles Productions – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Please Love Me, High School Boyfriend

Presented by Weber & Einstein – Chicago, Illinois

The Ripettes Burlesque in … Peter Panties: A Neverland

Presented by Ripettes Burlesque – Chicago, Illinois

Rambo: The Missing Years

Presented by Howard Petrick – San Franciso, California

The Roast of Piglet

Presented by Alan Brouilette – Chicago, Illinois

Scenes of a Love Like Nature

Presented by The Hollow Tree – Decatur, Illinois

Silken Veils

Presented by Pantea Productions – Stevenson Ranch, California

Single Girl in a Gay Man’s World

Presented by Terri Cyrmes – Tampa, Florida

Skinny Dipping – Not Your Mama’s One Woman Show!

Presented by Shanna Shrum – Chicago, Illinois

The Steve Show

Presented by Jason Economus – Chicago, Illinois

sweet, half-darkness

Presented by Genesis Ensemble – Chicago, Illinois

The Talking Cure Presents: It’s All in Your Head

Presented by The Talking Cure – Chicago, Illinois

The Texas Chainsaw Musical

Presented by New Millenium Theatre Company – Chicago, Illinois

Touch My App

Presented by Tiberius Productions – Ypsilanti, Michigan

Uncovering the Mirrors

Presented by Rebecca Kling – Chicago, Illinois

Unintended Structures

Presented by The Anatomy Collective – Chicago, Illinois

What To Expect

Presented by Steve O’Connell – Chicago, Illinois