2012 Festival

Chicago Fringe Festival 2012 poster

The 2012 Chicago Fringe Festival was presented August 30 – September 9, 2012 in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. Read the 2012 festival and events press release…

Check out the 2012 Festival Program…

Festival Shows

#1 Besties With Boy Trouble (U.S.)

Presented by Lizanda (Chicago, IL)

The 3 Citrons

Presented by The Hollow Tree (Chicago, IL)

55 Minutes of Sex, Drugs and Audience Participation

Presented by Howard Lieberman and Loren Niemi present a Jaded Optimist Production (Minneapolis, MN)

The Adventures of Skater Girl

Presented by Small Fish Radio Theatre and Thespinarium (Chicago, IL)

The Alembic

Presented by Terra Mysterium (Chicago, IL)

Anonymously Yours

Presented by Wyatt Kent (Chicago, IL)

Ashes to Ashes

Presented by Twilight Productions (Indianapolis, IN)

As We Like It

Presented by Messenger Theatre Company (New York, NY)

Beneath the Zipper

Presented by Robert JM Productions (Edmond, OK)

Breaking Rank!

Presented by Howard Petrick (San Francisco, CA)

Bruiser: Tales From a Traumatized Tomboy

Presented by Kelsie Huff (Chicago, IL)

Cathedral City

Presented by Too Much Free Time Productions (Brooklyn, NY)


Presented by Natalie Shipman (Chicago, IL)

The Comic Thread (sketch comedy)

Presented by Bitter Jester Creative (Highland Park, IL)

Crash Stories

Presented by Kim Morris (Chicago, IL)

CRAZYTOWN: my first psychopath

Presented by Jude Treder-Wolff (Smithtown, WI)

Dawn on a Splintered Heart

Presented by Revision Theatre (Chicago, IL) at the Dream Theatre

A Day for Grace

Presented by Doug Vincent; Music by Sam Llanas (formerly of BoDeans)(Erie, CO)


Presented by Yes Theatre Co. (Indianapolis, IN)

En El Corazon

Presented by Wishbone Theatre Collective (Chicago, IL)

Feel the Power of the Dork Side

Presented by Dr. Pete (Marietta, GA)

The Granny Diaries

Presented by Mary Redmon (Willow Springs, IL)

Handshake Uppercut

Presented by Jay Dunn & John Leo (Brooklyn, NY)

Hunting Middle Class

Presented by SilverAro (Saint Paul, MN)

In My Own Defense

Presented by Social Paraphernalia (Chicago, IL)

Kinetic Concoction

Presented by SHARP Dance Company (Philadelphia, PA)

Lady Love

Presented by Amrita Dhaliwal / Dal Vivo (Chicago, IL)

The Last Sleepover

Presented by Eleusis (Chicago, IL)

Modal Kombat

Presented by Modal Kombat (New York, NY)


Presented by The Interpreters (Sueol, South Korea)

No Stopping, No Warping, No Dying

Presented by 1-UP Productions (Chicago, IL)

OCCUPY THIS! Tales of an accidental activist

Presented by Reverend Nuge (Dearborn Heights, MI)

Pink Milk

Presented by White Elephant (Evanston, IL)

Put It In the Scrapbook

Presented by George Contini (Lawrenceville, GA)

The Roast of Cinderella

Presented by The League of Miscreants (Forest Park, IL)

Scientist Turned Comedian Tim Lee

Presented by Liquid Desert Productions (Los Angeles, CA)

Shadows and Lust

Presented by Strangeloop Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Sorry to Disappoint Me

Presented by Eric Bjorlin (Chicago, IL)

The Space/Movement Project: A Retrospectacle

Presented by The Space/Movement Project (Chicago, IL)

Storms Under Her Skin

Presented by Rebecca Kling (Chicago, IL)

The Tipped & The Tipsy

Presented by Jill Vice (San Francisco, CA)

They Call Me Q

Presented by Qurrat Ann Kadwani (New York ,NY) at the Dream Theatre


Presented by Curt…from Detox (Cincinnati, OH)

The Unmasking

Presented by Allen Green (Oak Park, IL)

The War to End War

Presented by The Island (Chicago, IL)

Where Is My Mind?

Presented by Schedule C Productions (Anderson, IN)

2012 Festival Design Winner

The winners of the 2012 Chicago Fringe Festival design contest were Andrew Gen, Richard Hibbert and Maschell Cha of Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. Their design appeared on all marketing and promotional materials for the third annual Chicago Fringe Festival. The Design Committee, Executive Director Vinnie Lacey, Festival Designer Jen Dorman, Marketing Manager Timothy Mullaney and former Executive Director Mikayla Brown, chose the winners from more than 50 submissions.

Executive Director Vinnie Lacey said, “Not only does Gen, Hibbert and Cha’s design capture the feel and energy of the Fringe Festival, it also allows us to reach beyond the performance community and involve another aspect of the artistic scene. The image fits well with our election year theme that Fringe is all about choice. We give you 50 shows from all over the world, and you are the artistic director deciding which to see. We are excited to have this image seen in Pilsen during the Festival and all over Chicago on our ads, posters, t-shirts and more.”

One of the artists, Maschell Cha reflected on the Fringe Festival winning-design, “It was a great project to work on and we had a lot of fun. We really enjoyed learning about the Chicago Fringe Festival and we tried our best to understand the essence of it and have that reflected in the poster design. As graphic designers, it’s important to us to build an understanding of anything and try our best to visually communicate it. We’re so glad that we were able to do that for the Chicago Fringe Festival.”

The winning design team included Andrew Gen from El Segundo, California; Maschell Cha from Portland, Oregon and Richard Hibbert from Eugene, Oregon. They were junior graphic design students at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. The collaboration on the poster started in their graphic design course titled “Collaborative Processes” and the design was conceived after the group looked at previous designs and the Chicago Fringe Festival’s history and aesthetic.