2013 Festival

Chicago Fringe Festival 2013 poster

The 2013 Chicago Fringe Festival was presented August 29 – September 8, 2013 in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.
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Festival Shows

Anonymously Yours

Presented by Jennifer Olson

Bloody Feet

Presented by Jason P. Kelleher

Boobs and Hope

Presented by In Bocca Al Lupo Productions

Caged In

Presented by Inappropriate Theatre

Dream Date

Presented by Forever Dog Productions

Drinking with the Dads: My years as a birthday party magician

Presented by Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts

Entiende? (Do you understand?)

Presented by Silvio Menendez

Generation Sex: Get Connected

Presented by Teatro Luna

Get Ready for the Vagina Fairy

Presented by Rebecca Kling

Hard Travelin’ with Woody

Presented by Randy Noojin

Harold After

Presented by Lone Wolf Productions

Heart In A Cage

Presented by Spartan Theatre Company

Hip Hop Is Alive: The Play

Presented by DaVida Chanel Productions


Presented by (re)discover theatre

How I Learned to Talk

Presented by Spoken Life Productions


Presented by Christine Hands Choreography

An Intimate Evening with Death Herself

Presented by Douglass Truth

The King & I: a Hunk of Burning Love

Presented by Schedule C Productions

Kuchipudi – A Dance and Theatre Tradition from India

Presented by Neelima Raju

Lil’ Women- a rap musical

Presented by Nobody’s Sweetheart Productions

Love in Pieces

Presented by Kristin Davis

Love. Guts. High School.

Presented by Kellys Pool Hall Production


Presented by MamLuft&Co. Dance

Méfiez-Vous de la Vache-Garou! (Beware the Werecow!)

Presented by Sea Beast Puppet Company

Men and Dogs

Presented by Jonathan Baude

Mike & Monte’s Greatest sHits!

Presented by “I SHIT YOU NOT” with Michael & Monte

The Miscreants Run Out Of Ideas

Presented by The League of Miscreants

Modal Kombat

Presented by Modal Kombat

Naked In Alaska

Presented by Legendary Hearts Productions

The Neverland Players

Presented by The Neverland Players

Not Another Teen Solo Show

Presented by Rati Gupta


Presented by Theater In Asylum

Our Fair City: A Live Post-Apocalyptic Audiodrama

Presented by HartLife NFP

Over There

Presented by The Empty Theatre


Presented by Genesis Ensemble

The Prince

Presented by Sacha Yanow

Punk Grandpa

Presented by Cosmic Jello


Presented by Lynn Royale


Presented by Blueshift Theatre Company

Slap Bracelet Time Machine

Presented by William Goblirsch Jr.

Smart Comedy

Presented by Silver Glass Productions

Superman, Black Man, Me! A Stage Essay

Presented by Occupy: Black Man Productions

Surviving Love

Presented by Daniel Wolfsbauer Productions

Totally Regular Person Doing Normal Things

Presented by Stephanie Weber

Troupe Strozzi Mounts Olympus

Presented by Troupe Strozzi

Twisted Beats & Circus Feats

Presented by Circadelix

Victory?! (some names have been changed to protect the guilty)

Presented by Judy Lombardo

Weirdos: An Ethnography of Deviance

Presented by Keoni Gurrl Productions, LLC

Your Move

Presented by Abraham Werewolf

Fringe 2013 Design Contest Winner

The winner of the 2013 Chicago Fringe Festival design contest was Alex Kostiw of Chicago. The design appeared on all marketing and promotional materials for the fourth annual Chicago Fringe Festival. “We look forward to seeing Alex’s design in Jefferson Park and all over Chicago this summer on our ads, posters, t-shirts and more,” said Vinnie Lacey, Fringe Executive Director. “The design sends a strong message and was chosen for several reasons: the colors invoke the Chicago flag, the use of the tall fruit-bearing tree reflects the audience’s emphasis on choice — picking the ripe fruit of the performances they would like to see.”

Artist Alex Kostiw, originally from New York and now living in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago, is a freelance designer in editorial, book, poster/ad and web illustration. She also designs for print and apparel. Kostiw described her inspiration for creating the winning design; “The [Fringe Festival’s] ‘Pack a lunch’ theme wound up evoking this design for me. The Fringe Festival strikes me as nourishing, both for audiences and performers. I originally thought of a salad growing out of this guy’s neck, but the explosive flavor of oranges and their bright color and abundance seemed more fun— Fringe-like.”