2014 festival

Chicago Fringe Festival 2014 poster

The 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival was presented August 28 – September 7, 2014 in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.
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Festival Shows

10 & 2

Presented by Spartan Theatre Company from Chicago, Illinois

About These Super Bowls

Presented by Kate Ryan from Schererville, Indiana

Ankle Boots: Absurd Miniature Memoirs

Presented by Kayla Lane Freeman & Sara Faye Richmond from Chicago, Illinois

Black as Eye Wanna Be

Presented by Po’ Chop from Chicago, Illinois

The Body Image Project: a Documentary Play

Presented by Danielle Pinnock from Chicago, Illinois

The Bride

Presented by Living Room Playmakers from Chicago, Illinois


Presented by Michael Kass from Los Angeles, California

Chicago After Dark – A Heart of Tweed

Presented by Tate A. Geborkoff, Moody Artist Group from Chicago, Illinois

Er’ Man

Presented by Alrosa from Chicago, Illinois

An Evening With

Presented by Paper Stage from Chicago, Illinois

The Future

Presented by Quotidian Collective from Chicago, Illinois

Indefinite Articles: A Libertarian Rage

Presented by Maximum Verbosity from St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Jesus, Do You Like Me? Please Mark Yes or No.

Presented by Eileen Tull from Cincinnati, Ohio

Kids on Bikes

Presented by Nicole Daniels from Baltimore, MD

Lamp Oil

Presented by Duplicity Ensemble from Chicago, Illinois

Love in a Heat Death Universe

Presented by Benjamin Stuber & Angela Santillo from New York, New York

The Mechanical Man

Presented by Dream Theatre Company from Chicago, Illinois

Meet Me on the Ceiling

Presented by Cosmic Jello from Chicago, Illinois

Mrs. President: A Visit With Mary Todd Lincoln

Presented by MaryAnne Mathews from Carmel, Indiana

My Bones Shall Rise Again

Presented by Gail Nyoka from Lorain, Ohio

Natural Novice

Presented by Everything is Everywhere from Brooklyn, New York

The Next Dog King

Presented by Jim Julien from Ashville, North Carolina

Our Fair City Live

Presented by Hartlife, NFP from Chicago, Illinois

Out of Tune Confessional

Presented by The Agency Theater Collective from Chicago, Illinois

The Penelopiad

Presented by Lost Geneva Project from Chicago, Illinois

A Play About You and Me

Presented by Wishbone Theatre Collective from Chicago, Illinois

re-Entry, a play

Presented by Nicole Kearney Productions from Indianapolis, Indiana

Rob Lloyd – Who, Me.

Presented by Julz Hay from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Screw You, I’m Nancy Drew

Presented by Sarsparilla Shook Productions from Indianapolis, Indiana

The Scientists

Presented by Merkins, Daniello & Sons from Brooklyn, New York

A Second Sam

Presented by Luminous Theatre from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Presented by Rally Theatre Company from Arlington Heights, Illinois


Presented by New Light Theater Project from New York, New York


Presented by Chimeric Productions from Louisville, Kentucky

Single Ladies

Presented by Paige Strothmann from Maywood, New Jersey

Something Something New Vagina

Presented by Rebecca Kling from Chicago, Illinois


Presented by Hawkeye Plainview from Chicago, Illinois

Teenagers From Outer Space!

Presented by New Pluto from Chicago, Illinois

The Two-Step

Presented by Cheep Art from Seattle, Washington

This House Believes the American Dream is at the Expense of the American Negro

Presented by Oracle Productions from Chicago, Illinois

“they” workshop premiere

Presented by Triptych from Chicago, Illinois

Trapped by Dreams

Presented by eMotion Theater from Tampa, Florida

Trauma And Vinyl: ‘This Betrayal Will Be Our End’: The Monologue

Presented by Joe Medina of MERCH from San Francisco, California

Waiting for Orson

Presented by Instinct Theatre from Washington, DC

We Also Have A New Vagina

Presented by The League of Miscreants from Forest Park, Illinois

What Am I Doing?

Presented by Amy Sumpter from Chicago, Illinois

Why Are You Not Rich Yet!

Presented by Derick Lengwenus from Park Ridge, Illinois

2014 Festival Design

Chicago Fringe Festival’s 2014 marketing artwork was composed by graphic designer Jen Dorman using photos from Fringe Festivals past.