2015 Festival

Chicago Fringe Festival 2015 poster

The 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival was presented September 3-13, 2015 in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.
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Festival Shows

  • (becoming) Hue Man
    presented by Naked Masks from Athens, GA
  • A Kind Shot
    presented by Terri Mateer from New York City, NY
  • Aero-Plane!
    presented by Glorious Bomb Squad from Chicago, IL
  • Am I a Grownup Yet?
    presented by Grayson Morris from Asheville, NC
  • Ankle Boots: Absurd Miniature Memoirs
    presented by Sara Faye Richmond & Kayla Lane Freeman & Kaitlyn Andrews from Chicago, IL
  • Ballad of the Weavers
    presented by Megan Deiger & the Weaver Players from Chicago, IL
  • Betwixt Between
    presented by Cindy Henkin Solo from Chicago, IL
  • BoomeRaging: From LSD to OMG.
    presented by Will Durst from San Francisco, CA
  • Bully
    presented by Viable Theater Company from Chicago, IL
    presented by Lian Cheramie & Sarah Mikayla Brown from Layafette, LA
  • Cocooned in Kazan
    presented by Royal Kung Foolery from London, United Kingdom
  • CODA (Children of Deaf Adults)
    presented by Two Hands Productions from Brooklyn, NY
  • Double Happiness: A Tale of Love, Loss, and One Forever Family
    presented by Kelly Haramis from Chicago, IL
  • Everything: Something about Nothing
    presented by Andy Costello from Chicago, IL
  • Fringe 2015 Preview Party
    presented by Chicago Fringe Festival from Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Gruesome Playground Injuries
    presented by Grace House Productions from Hollywood, CA
  • Hey ’90s Kids, You’re Old
    presented by Hole Punch Productions from Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Hit and Match
    presented by C.A.G.E. Theatre Company from New York City, NY
  • Identity Quickies
    presented by Marianna Staroselsky from Chicago, IL
  • Journey of a Bombshell: The Ina Ray Hutton Story
    presented by Melissa Ritz from New York City, NY
  • Ladies Night of the Living Dead
    presented by Random Acts from Chicago, IL
  • Man’s Dominion
    presented by Pachyderm Productions from Los Angeles, CA
  • Men Will Be Boys
    presented by One T Productions from Minneapolis, MN
  • Occupy Your Vagina!
    presented by SitMyAssDown Comedy Productions from Chicago, IL
  • On The Edge of Puberty
    presented by Rally Theatre Company from Chicago, IL
  • Once Upon a Zombie Apocalypse
    presented by Ashley Roberson from Chicago, IL
  • One Man’s Journey through the Middle Ages
    presented by Judah Leblang from Boston, MA
  • Our Fair City: Human Resources
    presented by HartLife, NFP from Chicago, IL
  • Peddler of Dreams:Two Feet, One Idea, Two Thousand Miles
    presented by Steve Duchrow from DeKalb, IL
  • Pirate Ninja Zombie: The Not So Secret Origin of Captain Ambivalent
    presented by Daniel Biemer from Valparaiso, IN
  • Punch & Judy
    presented by FoolSize Theatre from West Midlands, United Kingdom
  • Queer Heartache
    presented by Kit Yan Productions from New York City, NY
  • Splendour Without Diminishment
    presented by Oedipus System from Chicago, IL
  • That’s Weird, Grandma
    presented by Barrel of Monkeys from Chicago, IL
  • The Anti-Boss
    presented by Mike Maxwell from Chicago, IL
  • The Danger Circus
    presented by Danger Circus Company from Chicago, IL
  • The Fannie Lou Hamer Story Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired
    presented by Healing Through Sound Music Inc from Cincinnati, OH
  • The Favor
    presented by Sarah M. Chichester from New York City, NY
  • The Femme FATales
    presented by Femme FATales from Chicago, IL
  • The Working Perception
    presented by Laura Pazuchowski from Ann Arbor, MI
  • This Field Intentionally Left Blank
    presented by League of Miscreants from Chicago, IL
  • Time and Spectrum
    presented by Dennis Frymire from Chicago, IL
  • Turn That Thing Around: A Manic Narrator’s Longest Ride
    presented by Aaron Harris Woodstein from Chicago, IL
  • William Shakespeare Lives
    presented by Duplicity Ensemble from Chicago, IL
  • Zipped & Pelted
    presented by Wulfden from Chicago, IL

Festival Events

  • 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival Benefit
  • Fringe 2015 Closing Night
  • Fringe 2015 Fringe Olympics & Homecoming Dance
  • Fringe 2015 Misfits Are All Around
  • Fringe 2015 No Shame Open Mic
  • Fringe 2015 Opening Night
  • Fringe 2015 Sin and Song Night
  • Fringe 2016 Preview Party

2015 Festival Design

The illustration and design for the 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival was created by Chicago illustrator and graphic designer Charles Riffenburg.