2016 Festival

2016 Chicago Fringe Festival poster

The 2016 Chicago Fringe Festival was presented August 31 – September 11, 2016, in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.

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Festival Shows

  • 40 Minutes to Howard
    presented by Spartan Theatre Company from Chicago, IL
  • Betsy Carmichael’s BINGO Palace
    presented by Cocktails and Cream Puffs from Buffalo, NY
  • Definitely No Ghosts Here!
    presented by Shut Up Productions from Chicago, IL
  • EllieIda
    presented by Studio PlayHaus from Albuquerque, NM
  • Epic Tales from the Land of Melanin
    presented by FEMelanin from Chicago, IL
  • Fakes, Frauds, & TV Magic
    presented by William Pack from Chicago, IL
  • For The Love of Pie
    presented by La Pelle En-D’sous D’la Chapelle from Toronto, Canada
  • Here Lies a Manic Pixie Dream Girl
    presented by Helbent Productions from Chicago, IL
  • Is This Really Happening Right Now?
    presented by GoodPeople Theatre Co. from Cincinnati, OH
  • iTopia
    presented by Cooperative Performance Milwaukee from Milwaukee, WI
  • Joe Hernandez-Kolski presents…
    presented by Joe Hernandez-Kolski from Los Angeles, CA
  • Karaoke Night at Al Capone’s House of Pancakes
    presented by Coffee & Whiskey Productions from Chicago, IL
  • L.I.V.E. Old-Time Radio Show
    presented by Locked Into Vacancy Entertainment from Chicago, IL
  • Magic in Heels: Coincidence
    presented by Kayla Drescher from Los Angeles, CA
  • Mark Toland – Mind Reader
    presented by Mark Toland from Chicago, IL
  • MaryShelleyShow
    presented by Undiscovered Countries from New York, NY
  • Metropolis Triptych
    presented by Loft Productions from Chicago, IL
  • Mine
    presented by Vincent Truman from Chicago, IL
  • Mutiny
    presented by Alicia Hynes from Chicago, IL
  • Myths Untold
    presented by Promethean Theatre Ensemble from Chicago, IL
  • On the Spectrum or Color by Number (Written and performed by Thom Cauley)
    presented by Quasimondo Physical Theatre from Milwaukee, WI
  • Opposing Forces
    presented by Opposing Forces from Tallahassee, FL
  • Penny
    presented by Nico Fernandez and Kearstyn Keller from Dekalb, IL
  • Pet Food
    presented by Transcendent Ensemble Theatre from Chicago, IL
    presented by PREACH from Chicago, IL
  • Previously Blue: Songlines for Sky & Sea
    presented by Cafe Antarsia from Chicago, IL
  • Rational Comedy for an Irrational Planet
    presented by Science Comedian Brian Malow from Raleigh, NC
  • Rebirth & Regeneration
    presented by Groundhog from Chicago, IL
  • Songs from My Closet
    presented by Larry Todd Cousineau from Chicago, IL
  • Stalking Grace
    presented by Barbara Selfridge from Oakland, CA
  • Storytelling Jam
    presented by Chicago Fringe Festival from Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Superhero
    presented by Nick DiMaso from Chicago, IL
  • That’s F’d Up
    presented by Johnny Garcia from Chicago, IL
  • That’s Weird, Grandma
    presented by Barrel of Monkeys from Chicago, IL
  • the Big Balloon Show
    presented by Smarty Pants from Chicago, IL
  • The Biscuiteater
    presented by Jim Loucks from Venice, CA
  • The Curse on Mordrake House
    presented by Barebones Theatre Company from Chicago, IL
  • The Filthy Habit
    presented by Third Eye Theatre Ensemble from Chicago, IL
  • The Immaculate Big Bang
    presented by Bill Santiago from New York, NY
  • The Missing
    presented by The Interstice from Chicago, IL
  • The Traveling Tap Dance Super Show
    presented by Tapman Productions from Chicago, IL
  • The Wedding Warrior
    presented by Fly Away Balloon Theatre from Islamorada, FL
  • Things R Looking Up
    presented by Caladam Productions from Denver, CO
  • Three Daughters Who Are Not Daughters
    presented by The Group Project from Chicago, IL
  • Velour
    presented by Schedule C Productions from Anderson, IN
  • Washed Away by Kiara Pipino
    presented by Alea lacta Est from Bristol, TN

Festival Events

  • CFF Workshop: Magic To Do!
  • CFF Workshop: PREACH Your Truth!
  • CFF Workshop: Take The Stage. Be Heard
  • CFF Workshop: Theatre through Journaling
  • Fringe 2016 Closing Night Party
  • Game Night With Fringe And Cards Against Humanity
  • Kids Fringe Fun Fest
  • Queens of Fringe
  • Shimmy For Your Soul
  • Swing Dancing With Galaxie Chicago
  • The Fringiest Open Mic
  • The Misfit Carnvial: Not Your Average Burlesque Show
  • Truck Truck Theater presents “No Exit”

2016 Festival Design

The illustration and design for the 2016 Chicago Fringe Festival was created by Chicago illustrator and graphic designer Charles Riffenburg.