2017 Festival

Chicago Fringe Festival poster 2017

The 2017 Chicago Fringe Festival was presented August 30 – September 10, 2017, in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.

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Festival Shows

  • 30jj or Bust: The World is My Underwire
    presented by Joan Afton from Los Angeles, CA
  • A Virtuous Pedophile
    presented by tds from Phoenix, AZ
  • Anxiety Demonstrations
    presented by Transcendent Ensemble Theatre from Chicago, IL
  • Becoming OCD
    presented by Sid Ross from New York, NY
  • beyond this point presents: Whose Gong Is It Anyway?
    presented by beyond this point from Chicago, IL
  • Boomer Momma Mommyisms
    presented by jaybird laughs from Overland Park, KS
  • Brian Malow: Just Add Gravity!
    presented by Science Comedian Brian Malow from Raleigh, NC
  • Dandy Darkly’s Myth Mouth!
    presented by Dandy Darkly from Brooklyn, NY
  • East of the Sun, West of the Moon
    presented by The Hnossa Project from Brooklyn, NY
  • Edna The Stomper
    presented by Rebel Playhouse from New York, NY
  • Even God Knew I Was Gay
    presented by Jilberto Soto from London, United Kingdom
  • Evil Women
    presented by #Divahs from Chicago, IL
  • Exceptions to Reality
    presented by William Pack from Chicago, IL
  • Fair
    presented by Wishbone Theatre Collective from Greenville, SC
  • Fight for 52¢
    presented by Howard Petrick from San Francisco, CA
  • Hard-Core CORN
    presented by Kelly Haramis from Chicago, IL
  • I Want An Irish Passport
    presented by Mary Bourke from Dubline, Ireland
  • If I Were Me
    presented by Pamela Ziemann from Sequim, WA
  • Jeff Fort and Fred Hampton : A Revolutionary Love Story
    presented by Truth Productions from Chicago, IL
  • Kids Fringe Special Events: Day 1
    presented by Chicago Fringe Festival from Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Kids Fringe Special Events: Day 2
    presented by Chicago Fringe Festival from Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Kids Fringe Special Events: Day 3
    presented by Chicago Fringe Festival from Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Kids Fringe Special Events: Day 4
    presented by Chicago Fringe Festival from Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Kids Fringe Special Events: Day 5
    presented by Chicago Fringe Festival from Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • LoFi Dance Records
    presented by Halie Bahr from Minneapolis, MN
  • Lucid Story
    presented by Whimsycube from Philadelphia, PA
  • MAN
    presented by Steve Berglund from Mount Pleasant, MI
  • Mark Toland: Mind Reader
    presented by Mark Toland from Chicago, IL
  • Melody
    presented by Tiffany Lawson Dance from Chicago, IL
  • Mistero Buffo
    presented by Panos Vlahos and Lyto Triantafyllidou from New York, NY
  • mOTHER
    presented by Odds & Ends Productions from Pittsburgh, PA
  • Murmurations
    presented by Semi-Circus from Chicago, IL
  • Narratives of Achromatopsia
    presented by Iris Sowlat from Chicago, IL
  • P is for Pepe
    presented by NoMads Art Collective from Chicago, IL
  • Prakriti: A History of the Present
    presented by Ishti from Chicago, IL
  • Real Magic: A Magic Show Featuring Danny Dubin
    presented by The Magic of Danny Dubin from Chicago, IL
  • Reel Life Isn’t Real Life
    presented by Kimberly Witt from Aurora, IL
  • Rhyme nor Reason
    presented by Thom J. Cauley from Milwaukee, WI
  • That’s Weird, Grandma
    presented by Barrel of Monkeys from Chicago, IL
  • The Chronic Single’s Handbook
    presented by Randy Ross from Somerville, MA
  • The Gay Uncle Explains It All To You
    presented by Jeffrey Robert, The Gay Uncle from Seattle, WA
  • The Mavens
    presented by Rozara Sanders from Albany, NY
  • The One Without Words
    presented by Rally Theatre Company from Chicago, IL
  • The Selkie
    presented by Natalja Aicardi from Chicago, IL
  • This is Our Doom
    presented by Shut Up! from Chicago, IL
  • Underneath the Lintel
    presented by Patrick O’Brien from Minneapolis, MN
  • What’s A Wedding Got To Do With It?
    presented by Jeremy Schaefer from Chicago, IL
  • When That Song is About You
    presented by Julie Soroko from Chicago, IL
  • With the Weight of her Fate on her Shoulders
    presented by Chicago Iowa Theatre Collective from Chicago, IL
  • Work To Be Done
    presented by Spartan Theatre Company from Chicago, IL
  • Wormhole
    presented by Stephanie Chavara from Chicago, IL

Festival Events

  • An Evening with Scott Sedlacek
  • Awesomemonsters Live!
  • Bands Central
  • Bellydance Performance
  • Bellydance Workshop
  • Central Open And Marshmallow Party
  • Fringe 2017 Preview Party
  • Fringe After Dark
  • Fringe Central First Friday
  • Salonathon @ The Fringe
  • Voices Found. Fringe’d

2017 Festival Design

The illustration and design for the 2017 Chicago Fringe Festival was created by Chicago illustrator and graphic designer Charles Riffenburg.