30jj or Bust: The World is My Underwire

by Joan Afton

from Los Angeles, CA

About This Show

This is the true story of one woman’s attempts to share what she has learned, and still needs to learn, about navigating through the world alongside her 30JJ (!) bra size. This solo show is by turns funny, poignant and thought-provoking; about how we see ourselves, and each other. Written and performed by Joan Afton. Directed and developed by Deana Barone. Previously performed at the Los Angeles and Santa Monica Fringe Festivals, this is a Chicago premiere. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Joan is currently based in Los Angeles.

  • Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Solo Performance
  • Age Recommendation:  PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
  • Content:  Depictions of drinking onstage

All age and content notes are supplied directly by the artists, not the Chicago Fringe Festival. Audience discretion is advised.


  • Thursday, Aug 31, 2017 @ 8:30pm
  • Friday, Sep 1, 2017 @ 10:00pm
  • Saturday, Sep 2, 2017 @ 1:00pm
  • Sunday, Sep 3, 2017 @ 7:00pm
  • Monday, Sep 4, 2017 @ 5:30pm