Kids Fringe Special Events: Day 1

by Chicago Fringe Festival

from Chicago, Illinois, USA

About This Show

Theme: Kid Fringers of the World Unite!

12:00pm-4:00pm:   Craft corner, story carpet, and game center open!


Special Events:

12:15pm-12:45pm: Welcome to Kids Fringe Activity!

3:20pm-3:50pm: How to Think on Your Feet and Answer Tough Questions in the Moment with Pamela Ziemann

  • Genre:  Educational, Family Friendly, Imagination, Interactive, Kids Fringe Selection, Storytelling
  • Age Recommendation:  Children under 12, Children under 7
  • Content: 

All age and content notes are supplied directly by the artists, not the Chicago Fringe Festival. Audience discretion is advised.


  • Saturday, Sep 2, 2017 @ 12:00pm

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